Tri-State Bird Rescue Thanks Young UUSMC Member

A young member of UUSMC was recognized in the spring issue of A Birds-Eye View, the newsletter from Tri-State Bird Rescue:

Lily, a young member of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek, participated in the church’s “giving mission,” which challenged people to do something good in the community. She stopped by in February, shared her passion for helping out, and dropped a donation in the box. Thank you, Lily, for focusing your mission on helping the birds in our care.

Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research rehabilitates injured, orphaned, and oiled native wild birds, with the goal of returning healthy birds to their natural environment. They accomplish this through compassionate care, humane research, and education.

Thank you, Lily, for sharing your “reverse offering” to help Tri-State care for our feathered friends.