Updates from Children’s Religious Exploration

Please mark your calendars now for this month’s Family Fun Night at the church scheduled for Saturday evening, June 24, starting at 6:30 PM. We will be outside if the weather allows. Please bring yard games for the children to play and snacks or drinks to share..

We are ready for the Monarch Butterflies to arrive. Everyone is encouraged to bring a delicious butterfly treat to leave in our Butterfly Garden. Don’t throw those strawberries away that have gone bad! Instead, bring them to our butterfly garden and put them on one of the flat stones there (you can do this with any spoiled fruit).

​We will be visiting the Philadelphia Butterfly Pavilion on Sunday, July 23. All children and youth are welcome to attend, and their tickets are being provided by the generous donations of Mill Creek members and friends (this was a Service Auction item). The folks at the PBP will also be showing us the proper way to catch and handle butterflies so our kids will be ready when we tag the Monarchs later this summer. We will meet at church at 10:15 AM and carpool to the Pavilion. Please let Jamie Kegerise know if you plan to attend.

We are seeking a few adults to organize our Symbolic Monarch Migration for later this summer. This is a lovely program that spreads international good will and that connects our kids to other kids in Mexico and Canada. Please see Jamie Kegerise or any RE-Imagineer.

Members who are interested in supporting the children’s programming on Sunday mornings can click on this link: Sign-Up! to sign up to help in a class. It’s a different Sunday morning experience, but one with spiritual benefits (especially if you like to laugh). We are looking for adults to volunteer to help with RE especially in late February and throughout March. Many thanks to the wonderful adults and youth who help make this program fun and meaningful for our children!

Please contact us with any questions related to Children’s RE or our Butterfly Spirituality Program (DRE@UUSMC.org).

Parents can register their child for Religious Exploration at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/EwcQQQG1tqVViEND2​