Weekly News – April 14, 2022

Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek
We are a community that invites you to awaken to love.

** Worship Service Information for
Sunday, April 17, 2022
10:00 am
Join us on Sunday morning when
Rev. Bob Broesler shares his sermon:

Philosopher Jacob Covell, upon the birth of his son, experienced a powerful drive of passionate responsibility that far transcended the needs of evolution. Something beyond objective science is at work in the universe.

The Rev. Robert J. Broesler, a member of Mill Creek since 2013, began his career as a psychotherapist. He is a retired Episcopal Priest, and previous Director of the State of Delaware Office of Community Services. His present life is deeply shaped by the loss of his youngest son Justin to suicide in 2017, and the journey back to meaning since that loss. Now “retired’, his passion is serving people who have experienced loss, especially those who have lost a child. He is honored to have been an occasional preacher at Mill Creek.

Music will be performed by the Mill Creek Choir, featuring a special piece by Rachel Sabella.

Connect With Us In-Person
We are pleased to welcome all to our sanctuary for gathering in-person this Sunday!
* **NO** registration required – bring your whole self and be welcome!
* Service time remains at 10:00 am
* Wearing N95 masks is mandatory (a supply is available in the gathering space)
* Full vaccination is expected
* Feeling sick, been exposed or having symptoms? Join us Livestream on Zoom!
* Service will be livestreamed
* We are unable to offer Child Care (infant/toddler, ages 0 to 3)

Connect With Us Virtually
There are several ways to get the Zoom link for livestreaming the service:
* Click the link below (Sunday Livestream) and bookmark it; OR
* Access the church calendar (https://www.uusmc.org/news/calendar/) (https://www.uusmc.org/news/calendar/); OR
* Open our Sunday morning email; OR
* Open ANY PREVIOUS Sunday morning email – the link remains the same from week to week

Click here for Sunday LIVESTREAM (https://zoom.us/j/97806427419)

** Congregational Life

** Upcoming events, meetings and news to know

** No Children’s Religious Exploration This Sunday
Please note that there will be no children’s/youth RE class this Sunday, April 17th. We will resume our RE offering on Sunday, April 24th.

Mill Creek Service Auction

Saturday, May 21st
3:30 pm

We are excited to welcome all to the return of our beloved Service Auction next month. Clear your calendar for Saturday, May 21st and plan to attend Mill Creek’s largest fundraiser! Tickets will be available for purchase this Sunday in the gathering space: $15 advance; $20 door.

Some features of this year’s auction are new while others will remain the same.

What’s new?
Start time: Venue opens 3:30 pm
Location: OUTDOORS, picnic-style; feel free to bring a lawn or camp chair, or use our tables and chairs already set up
Rain Date: Sunday, May 22nd
Children are welcome: childcare will be available
Food: will be provided by food truck including main entrée & sides; beverages & desserts also available
Silent Auction: held one week prior to the in-person event via online eBay-style format; winning bidders can pick up their item(s) on auction day or soon thereafter; more information will be provided soon; watch your inbox for more details soon to come!

What hasn’t changed?
Live auction: the event will still be centered around an exciting LIVE AUCTION, with food, fun and fellowship in abundance!
Catalog: a catalog of all items will be available for viewing prior to auction day.
Donations needed: without items to bid on, there would be no auction! Donations are being accepted now for both the silent and live actions. See below.

Bring your cash or check to church on Sunday and get your tickets at the advance bargain price of $15 (or buy them at the door on auction day for $20 each). Children 16 and under are FREE. Buy extra tickets for your guests – friends, neighbors, or other family members…they make a GREAT GIFT!

Can’t make it to church? Send an email to secure yours today: click here (mailto:administrator@uusmc.org?subject=Service%20Auction%20Tickets) .
Members and friends are asked make donations of services, experiences, and/or items.

To donate a SERVICE, think:
* music or cooking lessons
* tutoring of any kind
* lawn care
* house cleaning/organizing
* personal IT consultation
* therapy/medical or airport transportation
* ballroom dancing lessons
* window washing
* auto repair/tune-up
* any special skill you have that you’d like to share

Or donate an EXPERIENCE, such as:
* themed dinners, picnics & BBQs
* garden tours
* guided hikes
* musical performances
* beach weekends
* museum trips
* vacation packages
* amusement park tickets

Or donate an ITEM, like:
* gift baskets of any description
* retail or other gift cards (spa day, movie night, restaurants, online shopping, etc.); Fun Idea: think about offering a “gift card bouquet” with several different cards!
* food-of-the-month offerings
* that fabulous cake that only you can bake
* hand crafted items
* a pot of your famous chili

Use your imagination, be creative, and have fun!
Have ideas for donations but not sure about pricing? Our auction specialists can help. Use the contact button below with questions and to make your donations.
Here is what I can donate! (mailto:david@dlsk.net?subject=service%20auction)
We are looking to add a few more volunteers to make the auction run smoothly – use the link below to contact Janice Buckwalter with your offer of help.
Here is how I can help! (mailto:jcab621@gmail.com?subject=service%20auction)

** Mill Creek Board Meeting Agenda
20 April 2022, 6:30pm on Zoom
Soul Matters theme – Awakening

Opening – All suffering, stress and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for. – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Consent Agenda
March Board Meeting minutes

Service Auction Status

COVID-19 Statistics and Opening Policy
Board Policies
Budget Update
Annual Meeting
June Scheduling

Adjourn – The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are. Rather it is about unbecoming who you are not. – Albert Schweitzer

** Babysitting Event Here at Mill Creek this Month!
Need time away with your partner or spouse? Or just time to yourself? Take advantage of our new Babysitting Night at the end of this month. Registration and contact links are below.
REGISTER here for Babysitting Night (https://onrealm.org/MillCreek/PublicRegistrations/Event?linkString=MjllNTBiYWMtNDVhYS00NWY3LWJjZjUtYWU2ZDAwZDQ0NDFk)
CONTACT us here with questions about the event (mailto:iceweber@gmail.com?subject=Babysitting%20Event)

** Big Music Sunday Returns!
We are excited to announce the return of Big Music Sunday on May 8^th. This is an opportunity for members and friends to share their music skills with the congregation. This year we’ve added options for participation — you can share your performance in the following ways:
* live and in-person in the sanctuary
* live remotely via Zoom
* pre-recorded video

All forms and genres of music are encouraged. Our Big Music Sunday programs in the past have featured everything from drum solos, chants, and interpretive dance to vocal and instrumental music. This gives everyone the chance to express their musical energy, talent, and creativity.

If you would like to participate, please email Brian Hanson by clicking the button below. We need as much advance time as possible to plan the program. Don’t delay – reserve your place in the program today!
I want to perform! (mailto:hansonbd65@gmail.com?subject=Big%20Music%20Sunday)

** Missed a sermon? Here’s how you can get caught up!

If you’ve missed a sermon, or you’d just like to hear a particular one again, check out our You Tube channel! Click the button below to access. Fun fact: you can subscribe to the channel and get sermons delivered directly to your inbox automatically!
View our You Tube channel here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChRFPbSookb9m3PV6DMtbHg)


** Share Our Plate:
March & April

We regularly donate a portion of our undesignated plate collection to a local charity or non-profit organization. For the months of March and April we have selected the following charitable organization to receive these funds:

Conscious Connections, Inc.

Conscious Connections (CCI) is a black-owned urban farm located in Wilmington, Delaware. Their mission is to uplift underserved and marginalized populations through exposure, education, and economic opportunities in the arts and agriculture. They offer a variety of youth programs and engage young adults in farm-based training and experience which is designed to prepare them for work in agriculture, landscaping, and maintenance. They offer seasonal Market Fresh Boxes during the summer months. They host community workshops such as candle-making using wax procured from their beehive and sell the honey it produces. They give back to the community by having clothing and meal giveaways coordinated with local residents. By their outreach efforts and offering a safe place for local youth, CCI is contributing to the quality of life for many.
LEARN MORE about Conscious Connections HERE (https://www.consciousconnectionsinc.com/)
Support this organization with your online donation today!**
DONATE to Share Our Plate HERE (https://onrealm.org/MillCreek/-/give/now)
**Be sure to select ‘Share Our Plate’ as the giving fund**

** Cohousing Presentation at UUFN
The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (UUFN) of Newark is hosting a presentation about cohousing by Newark Area Cohousing Organization LLC, on Sunday, April 24, at 11:45 am. The group is working to create the first cohousing community in Delaware. Cohousing neighborhoods are designed to encourage more social connection and cooperation, while also being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Feel free to contact Newark Area Cohousing Organization for more information using the link below.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (https://uufn.org/)
420 Willa Road
Newark, DE 19711
Have questions about Cohousing? Click here (mailto:NewarkAreaCoho@gmail.com)

** Book Group’s Next Read

Join our next meeting:
Tuesday, May 3rd at 7pm

Everyone is welcome!

Everyone is welcome to join the Book Group for their discussion about the upcoming book selection:
The Radium Girls – The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women (https://www.kate-moore.com/the-radium-girls)
by Kate Moore
Tuesday, May 3^rd at 7 pm

Zoom links remain the same for each discussion and can be found on the church calendar (https://www.uusmc.org/news/calendar/) . Contact the church office with any questions.

Realm is our church management software program. We use it exclusively for accounting, pledge data, membership, registration events, and more. Use the button below to access your Realm profile to make sure we have your most recent contact information, and make pledge payments and contributions.
Access your Realm profile HERE (https://onrealm.org/MillCreek/SignIn)
Fun fact: you can use Realm to set up recurring online monthly pledge payments using a credit card or your checking or savings account!

How to make pledge payments, donations, and other contributions:

1. Mail a check: 579 Polly Drummond Hill Road, Newark DE 19711 (staff is present in the office and the mailbox is checked daily). Please indicate on the subject line if this is a pledge payment, a general contribution, or a contribution to a specific giving fund.
2. Give electronically through REALM using your credit card or bank account (checking, savings, etc.): https://onrealm.org/MillCreek/Give or use the link below (remember to select a giving fund).
3. Text-to-Give: text MillCreek and the amount [e.g. MillCreek 50] to 73256.

We sincerely appreciate your support of Mill Creek. We are committed to offering a high-quality and stimulating Sunday worship experience while reestablishing our connections with one another. We gratefully acknowledge that there would be no Mill Creek without YOU.
**Click here to GIVE NOW** (https://onrealm.org/MillCreek/-/give/now)

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Mill Creek Staff

Rev. Gregory S. Pelley, Minister
Rev. Greg is away on sabbatical now through June 30.
He will not be available by phone or email throughout the duration of his absence. We offer assurance that all church operations will continue as usual, and have prepared a guide which contains a list of guest speakers, contact information for those in leadership positions, and other information. Use the link below to access the guide.
Sabbatical Guide – view it here (https://www.uusmc.org/wp-content/uploads/A-Guide-to-Rev-Gregs-Sabbatical.pdf)
Rev. Robert Broesler (Ret.), Minister On-Call
Rev. Bob is available to Mill Creek members and friends on an on-call basis.
rjbroesler@gmail.com (mailto:rjbroesler@gmail.com )

Debra Damiani, Congregational Administrator
Monday 8 am to 1 pm, Monday-Thursday
administrator@uusmc.org (mailto:administrator@uusmc.org)

Rachel Sabella, Music Director
Hours by Appointment
music@uusmc.org (mailto:music@uusmc.org)

** Happening in Our Local Community

** Looking for something to do this weekend?
There are LOTS of events happening all up and down the state of Delaware and we’ve found one place for you to check them all out! Click the button below to find out more about local festivals, tours, exhibits, hikes, and more.
Upcoming local events-read all about it! (https://www.activeadultsdelaware.com/Calendar-of-Events)

** News from the UUA, the Central East Region, and the Delmarva Cluster

** Multigenerational Ministry

Is it the same as Intergenerational?

The term “Intergenerational” typically describes interaction between people of two distinctly different generations. Multigenerational connections happen among three or more generations and help our congregations thrive by bringing all of our people together, regardless of age; a congregational life where all are welcomed, included, and encouraged to lead and participate at any age. Why is the UUA talking about multigenerational ministry? What does it look like? What are the benefits, and how is it happening? Learn more about multigenerational ministry by using the link below.
Learn more about multigenerational ministry here (https://www.uua.org/multigenerational)

Exploring Class. Addressing Classism.

** Supporting Those Impacted by the Crisis in Ukraine

Unitarian Universalist Association Press Release, March 7, 2022:
The scope of this humanitarian crisis is staggering. To help address the scale of the crisis, the UUA has been working closely with our partners at the UU Service Committee (https://www.uusc.org/) (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee*), which is dedicated to advancing human rights and social justice, together with an international community of grassroots partners and advocates. They have created an Emergency Relief Fund to support Ukraine and we are committed to amplifying their voice and humanitarian work.
Read the statement in full here (https://www.uua.org/pressroom/press-releases/supporting-ukraine)
UUSC Response to the Invasion (https://www.uusc.org/press/we-demand-an-end-to-the-bloodshed-uusc-responds-to-vladimir-putins-invasion-of-ukraine/)


*The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) advances human rights and social justice around the world, partnering with those who confront unjust power structures and mobilizing to challenge oppressive policies. Their work is grounded in the belief that all people have inherent power and dignity. It is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization advancing human rights together with an international community of grassroots partners and advocates.


Opportunities for Connection: Central East Region Update

APRIL 2022
Opportunities for Connection – click here to learn more (https://uua874.activehosted.com/index.php?action=social&chash=7f7c351ee977c765aa8cd5c7020bc38f.5690&s=8983449a6b0e04757c2c9729fa49f044)

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