What’s Happening in RE at Mill Creek

Children’s Classes
This Sunday (April 14), Anna leads the Chalice Children in a lesson about how each of us belongs to the family of the earth. Stephanie and Heather guide the Roots and Shoots Friends in their final campaign of the year on plastics and the environment. They will also be making compost/seed balls (so, please remember to dress your child in clothes that can get dirty!)

Youth Learning
Youth (grades 7-12) are invited to meet in the library (following the Story for All Ages) to engage in the game, “Would You Rather…” Snacks provided. The 7-9 grade Our Whole Lives (O.W.L.) class meets noon – 1:30 to talk about communicating with a partner.

Adult Learning
(9:15 am to 10:15 am.)
Rev. Robert Broesler continues our Adult RE series on the book of Genesis. What does it mean to UU’s? Come and join us!
Also, following worship, Rev. Greg will facilitate the information session, “An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism.” Grab a plate and come to the library for this interesting exploration.

What’s new with the RE-IMAGINEERS?
The RE-Imagineers are hosting a FAMILY GAME NIGHT!
Friday, April 26, 7:00 – 8:30pm.
Bring your favorite game and come out for an evening of fun and friendship! Come out and kick back with fellow members of our Beloved Community! Having fun together is one of the ways we build fellowship.
We will have snacks to share and we hope to see players of all ages attend. Better yet, bring a friend or two – the more the merrier.


Autism Awareness Walk April 27 at Glasgow Park in Bear. For the second year in a row, Charity Crossing is organizing the Autism Awareness 5K Walk! Show your support! To join the walk, click here.

NCCL School 10th Annual Kid’s Greenfest and Book Swap
Kids’ Greenfest offers free family fun and education. It’s a Sustainability Festival for the whole family filled with Hands-On Activities, Book Swap, Music, Food, Animals, Storytelling and More! Greenfest is THIS SATURDAY April 13, 10:00am-3:00pm at NCCL School.For more info: http://www.ncclschool.com.

Camp Unirondack is for children and youth between the ages of 8 and 17 who are looking to connect with other UU Youth,while learning about the importance of community. For more information, visit www.unirondack.org.

Youth Service Hours Opportunities
(We know you need those hours!)

WHITE CLAY CREEK FEST (MAY 4): The State Parks is in need of a few volunteers to help out with Creek Fest at White Clay Creek State Park on May 4th. They will need volunteers to help out with some of the tables and games (face painting, bubbles, crafts, parking assisting). If you are interested in helping out please email Cheralyn Doyle (DE State Parks Volunteer Manager) for more information.

Summer R.E. at Mill Creek
Religious Exploration doesn’t end just because it’s summer! Here’s what we’ll be offering Children, Youth and Adults during the summer months.

SUMMER OF SCIENCE – Children are invited to participate in science experiments and activities led by our own Mill Creek Scientists!

SUMMER OF SERVICE – Youth are invited to participate in ongoing service projects including our “Adopt a Trail” Program.

HARVEST THE POWER: (Sundays 9:15-10:15) – Adults are invited to participate in interesting weekly workshops designed to help us grow in spirit as we grow as leaders. Coffee provided!

National Volunteer Week is April 7-13, 2019
National Volunteer Week is a time for organizations across the country to honor volunteers and recognize the irreplaceable impact of their time and energy all year round. The Mill Creek RE Program is blessed with an AMAZING team of volunteers who selflessly contribute their time, energy, care and skills to make our program excellent. They work behind the scenes, preparing, executing, filling in, caring, counseling, serving. Here is the list of volunteers who show up consistently to make it happen:

Ivonne Antongiorgi – Chalice Children Teacher
Anna Hull – Chalice Children Teacher
Chris Hull – Chalice Children Teacher
Cathy Banchet – Chalice Children Teacher
Stephanie Reaves – Roots and Shoots Teacher
Heather Petit – Roots and Shoots Teacher
David Bonner – O.W.L. Facilitator
Jamie Kegerise – RE-Imagineers Lead and O.W.L. Facilitator
Jeanne Hanson – O.W.L. Facilitator
Brian Hanson – O.W.L. Facilitator
Joe Snader – O.W.L. Facilitator
Melissa Bryson – O.W.L. Facilitator
Jack Guerin – Youth Meeting Facilitator, Adult RE Instructor
Rev. Mary Higgins – Adult RE Instructor
Karen Rege – Adult RE Instructor
Rev. Robert Broesler – Adult RE Instructor

Thank you, Thank YOU…THANK YOU!!!! You are valued and APPRECIATED!