What’s Happening in RE at Mill Creek?

What’s Happening this Sunday in Religious Education/Exploration?

Children’s Classes
This Sunday (April 28), during the Religious Exploration hour, the Chalice Children meet with Ivonne to learn about how spring brings changes to Earth. The Roots and Shoots Friends will continue to plan their skit about plastics, to be performed on May 19th!

Youth Learning
Youth (grades 7-12) are invited to meet in the library (following the Story for All Ages) to engage in an activity where they will predict their own futures. Snacks provided as usual. The 7-9 grade Our Whole Lives (O.W.L.) class is back for a session entitled “Self Care.”

Adult Learning
(Held every Sunday in the MacArtor Library – 9:15 am to 10:15 am.)
Rev. Rob Broessler is back! And he’s continuing an interesting discussion about the biblical book of Genesis. What does it mean to UU’s? Come and join us! Good coffee, GREAT CONVERSATION!

With Special Thanks to Our Meadow Volunteers…

Easter Day turned into an Earth Day celebration and time of service for our elementary-aged RE students and Meadow Volunteer Guides.
Together, they planted close to 100 native meadow flowers plus a tray full of “seed bombs” that they launched into the fields. We don’t just grow plants, we also grow community!

Summer R.E. at Mill Creek:
Religious Exploration doesn’t end just because it’s summer! Here’s what we’ll be offering Children, Youth and Adults during the summer months.

  • SUMMER OF SCIENCE – Children are invited to participate in science experiments and activities led by our own Mill Creek Scientists!
  • SUMMER OF SERVICE – Youth are invited to participate in ongoing service projects including our “Adopt a Trail” Program.
  • HARVEST THE POWER: (Sundays 9:15-10:15) – Adults are invited to participate in interesting weekly workshops designed to help us grow in spirit as we grow as leaders. Coffee provided!