What’s Happening in Religious Exploration

Directed by Stefanie Anderson, Assisted by Teaching Volunteers

We have started our Summer schedule in RE, which means children will start in the sanctuary for the Story for All Ages and then proceed to Room 1 for community building time.

We do need volunteers for our Summer RE program, and if you are thinking about helping out in RE, Summer RE is a great place to start. Most of our volunteers began their RE journey having no teaching or assisting experience, but often it began in our summer RE program.

I know with summer vacations and traveling, it is easy to forget that we still have an active RE program during the summer, but it really is the perfect time to try out volunteering. Our summer program is relaxed and fun, so even those with no RE volunteer experience will have a great time. There are always two adults in the classroom, so it isn’t overwhelming.

Please sign up to help out this summer in RE. Thank you for your participation!