What’s New in Children’s Religious Education

Our YRUU and Junior Youth (middle- and high school-aged youth) have been invited to visit the Islamic Society of Delaware on Sunday, February 12. We are seeking a few adults to accompany the youth and provide transportation. We also want to spread the word to our youth to encourage participation.

We will be meeting with the Muslim youth and their teachers, learning about Islam, sharing conversation especially around the difficult political and cultural divides we are all experiencing. The ISD is also providing lunch to our group.

Our plan is to meet at Mill Creek at 10:00 AM on the 12th, carpool to the ISD on Salem Church Road, meet with their folks and then return to UUSMC around 1:00 PM. We encourage all who attend to show respect for Muslim traditions in terms of dress (“modest”, head scarves for girls and women, remove shoes in the mosque). Our hope is to foster understanding and to perhaps have our youth work together with the Islamic youth on justice issues. Please contact Jamie Kegerise at Jamie@dsofurniture.com to sign up to attend.

Members who are interested in supporting the children’s programming on Sunday mornings can sign up to help in a class. It’s a different Sunday morning experience, but one with spiritual benefits (especially if you like to laugh). We are looking for adults to volunteer to help with RE especially in late February and throughout March. Many thanks to the wonderful adults and youth who help make this program fun and meaningful for our children!

Please contact us with any questions related to Children’s RE or our Butterfly Spirituality Program (DRE@UUSMC.org).

Parents can register their child for Religious Exploration at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/EwcQQQG1tqVViEND2