What’s NEW in R.E. at Mill Creek?

Here’s what’s Happening This Sunday in Religious Exploration at Mill Creek

Children’s Classes
Following the Story for All Ages, the Chalice Children will meet with Ivonne for a lesson entitled, “We Give Flowers to Friends!” The Roots and Shoots and Friends will reunite with Stephanie and Heather for an hour of friendship and fun. Roots and Shoots parents are reminded to bring their children on time so they can participate in the skit during the Story for All Ages.

Youth Learning
Youth (grades 7-12) are invited to remain in the sanctuary following the Story for All Ages to celebrate the completion of the O.W.L. class for the year!

Adult Learning
Sunday morning, Rev. Robert Broesler leads the Adult R.E. class as they continue their discussion about the biblical book of Genesis. What does it mean to UU’s? Drop in and join us! Good coffee, GREAT CONVERSATION! (Held every Sunday in the MacArtor Library – 9:15 am to 10:15 am.)

Calling All Mill Creek Scientists!

We’re planning a Summer of Science!

Throughout the summer, Mill Creek Children will be invited to participate in weekly experiments and activities led by our own Mill Creek Scientists!

These activities will be offered to Chalice Children and Roots and Shoots-age children together in classroom #1.
Each Sunday, following the Story for All Ages, two adult volunteer scientists will lead and facilitate activities with children. Full instructions and materials will be provided.

Are YOU a Scientist?
We invite you to consider leading one or more sessions this summer.

We have complete science experiments prepared – and you are free to present your own. If you are interested, or would like further information, email dre@uusmc.org. A member of the RE-Imagineers Team will contact you to answer your all questions.

What: Summer of Science!
When: Sundays (Following the Story for All Ages)
Dates: June 16 – August 25
Timing: About 1 hour per Sunday
For Whom: Chalice Children and Roots and Shoots together
Location: Classroom #1
Instructions and materials will be provided for you. Fun Guaranteed!

Notes from Jamie… An Update on the Meadow

We’ve made some good progress over the last couple of months, and the meadow is green and growing, so I thought I’d share a quick update.

Most of the trees we planted last fall are growing nicely, but we did lose a couple of White Pines and probably a Tulip tree. John Springer picked up three American Hollies last week that we planted during last Wednesday evening’s work time. We had also transplanted several volunteer trees (10 or so Sassafras, a Tulip and Red Maple) that all seem to be doing well. There have been paths mowed in the area where we planted the trees, and it makes for a nice walking area (that also connects to the larger paths around the church property and to the park). We also made some good progress cleaning up the front entrance beds which look as good as they have in some time.

The RE kids planted about 50 native meadow flowers plus a bunch of seeds (most via Rev. Greg inspired “seed bombs” that the kids enjoyed chucking into the meadow. This happened Easter morning as part of our Easter/Earth Day RE class, and you should be able to see the flowers from the sanctuary this summer.

We continue to try to discourage some of the invasive plants (ornamental pear, Porcelain Vine, Black Walnut and non-native raspberries are our biggest problems). This effort was greatly aided by the meadow mowing completed in March that we again did by ourselves (that saved the church $400.00 or so). We also expanded some of the meadow area by the side entrance to the church (we saw no need to continue to mow that area since it wasn’t being used for anything).

We are trying to encourage members and friends to just come out and see/experience the meadow. We’ve got great birds and insects, a bumper crop of bunnies, at least one black snake, and the plants and flowers are looking great (we’ve got a bunch of Milkweed for Monarch butterflies thanks to the RE kids spreading the seeds this past fall). To you creative types, I know that Greg would love to have some markers (maybe large stones, some kind of pillars etc) at the entrance paths to the Memorial Garden, so I would love to hear some ideas.

Wednesday evenings we get together to work, but we would love it if you just stopped by and checked things out. John Springer and I are also organizing a monthly Saturday morning Building and Grounds work time, first Saturday of each month, 9:00 to noon, and we go out for lunch after. Don’t forget to bring overly ripe fruit and put it in the green plate in the butterfly garden for our pollinator friends.

Big thanks to Amy White, James White, Ann and Roy Draper, Lauri Rickard, Brian Coleman, David Bonner and John Springer for all their great work. Finally, please help us spread the word about our lovely meadow.

-Jamie K.