William at six, or why I keep coming back to UUSMC

I have been associated with UUSMC (Mill Creek) for over twenty years. It is difficult for me to put my finger on the one thing that makes Mill Creek special, so I won’t even attempt to start down that path.

I will tell you one of the reasons I keep coming back and it is because of a little boy I once knew here, I’ll call him William.

William was a perfect miniature of his father. Dark skinned, black-eyed, and quietly observant, he was about six years old when I met him. I was assisting in a Religious Education class and William was shy and introspective, but always watching and listening.

His eyes would light up when he would come into the class and we would “light” the felt chalice while saying our opening words.  When I read a story to the class of seven or eight children, the way he listened, made me feel like each word landed indelibly in his heart and mind.

For me, it is the opportunity to share the beauty that I know, with all ages; it is about a tolerant and deeply spiritual place where everyone is encouraged to have an open mind.

Part of the fun is when that sharing starts with a little boy or girl, like William.

— MQ Riding