Woods for the Wild

Should we plant more trees in part of our marvelous meadow?  Some of us have proposed to our board that we convert a part of the meadow to woods and the board supports pursuing the idea.  The area is to the left of the drive to the rear parking lot over to Polly Drummond Hill Road.  Part of this area has already been designated as our Memorial Garden, and several trees in this area have been planted in honor of loved-ones.

Having woods will greatly enhance the wildlife diversity of our lands.  It also has the potential of future use as an area for reflection, a place to enjoy lunch, or simply enjoying being within a natural area.

Another important reason is to reduce the time and energy necessary to maintain the area in the future.  However, it will take a dedicated group to maintain the trees until they are well established.

We would like to hear your thoughts.  Do you support this idea?  What questions or concerns do you have?  Would you like to join the group to maintain our trees?  Please contact Jamie Kegerise, Amy White, or John Springer with your thoughts.  Our hope is to begin planting native trees this November, but it requires your support and participation.