February 24: This Week in Spiritual Growth and Development at Mill Creek

Religious Exploration and Education is for EVERYONE regardless of age. Classes for Children and Youth meet Sunday mornings during worship services. Adults also meet EVERY SUNDAY (9:15-10:15 am) in the MacArtor Library and at various times during the week. Check below to see what’s going on in your class this week!

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Children’s Classes

This week, the Chalice Children will celebrate our human family by appreciating our diversity. Stephanie and Heather lead the Roots and Shoots Friends as they create friendship bracelets.

Youth Learning

Following the Story for All Ages in worship, the Youth (grades 7-12) will gather in the MacArtor Library for a discussion about questions. “Do all questions have an answer?” Following worship, the Our Whole Lives class meets for a class session on the subject of STI’s.

Adult Learning

9:15 – 10:15am We’re continuing our ongoing series, “Faith in Practice.” Terry will lead this Sunday’s session about the role of reason and rationality along the path to the discovery of deep truths. The hour will include a discussion of the stages of spiritual growth and our fourth Shared Principle, affirming a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Join us for coffee and interesting discussion!

NOON – 2:00 Mary Leads the third session of the “Waking Up White” class. (MacArtor Library) Registration closed.

Upcoming Event

Everyone has spiritual gifts…Ever wonder what yours are?

Mark your calendars for a fun and inspirational retreat (Saturday, March 9 from 9:00 a.m. to noon).
Rev. Robert Broesler, Tracy Morgan and Ram Ray will lead us in a discovery process of our spiritual gifts, followed by a dialogue about ways we can use our gifts to their full potential. We welcome people of all ages. Bring a friend. Babysitting and coffee provided. Click HERE to register.

Opportunity for Youth Service Hours…

Mill Creek Youth have an opportunity to participate in the “Adopt a Trail” program at White Clay Creek Park! For those of you who enjoy being outdoors, this will be lots of fun – and a great way to bond as a group! Your friends are welcome too! We’ll volunteer once per month during the Sunday worship hour. This volunteer opportunity begins in June.
Interested in volunteering? Email dre@uusmc.org.

We Need You!

We are in need of 2 Adult Volunteers to fill in with the Chalice Children’s Class, March 17 and March 24.

It’s just one hour of your time. Instructions and activities are provided…and ALL THE GOLDFISH YOU CAN EAT! Interested? Email dre@uusmc.org.